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Small Batch Manufacturing for Mechanical Products: A Customized Service from Smartech

At Smartech, we specialize in small batch manufacturing, offering a variety of processes to adapt to our clients’ needs. These processes include thermoplastic injection, CNC machining with aluminum, Zamak and plastics, stamping of steel or aluminum sheet parts, and extrusion and machining of aluminum parts. Thermoplastic Injection This is a process where plastic is heated […]

Introduction to Gauges: Essential Tools for Precision in Engineering and Manufacturing

Gauges, also known as calipers or meters, are essential tools in the world of engineering and manufacturing. Their main function is to measure physical dimensions of objects, thus allowing quality control and precision in production. At Smartech, we design and manufacture gauges for various industries, including automotive, and automatic stations to provide 100% production control. […]

From Barcelona to the World: Charting Our Path in Global Innovation and Technology

At Smartech, based in La Llagosta near vibrant Barcelona, we take pride in our journey that has made us leaders in mechanical engineering and technological solutions. Our experience spanning over 20 years reflects a continuous journey of growth and expansion, extending our reach from local corners to global markets. We strongly believe in mechanical precision […]

Mold Design for Low-Pressure Molding: A Smartech Specialization

Smartech’s expertise in mold design for the low-pressure molding (LPM) process distinguishes us from other industrial specialists. Our mold design service aims to develop specific solutions for the industry by combining innovation, precision, and efficiency. Low-pressure molding is a crucial process in component manufacturing, especially in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. The design […]

Collaborative Prototyping for Innovative Solutions

Our engineering prototyping service is not just about creating models; it’s about anticipating and effectively validating mechanisms for our clients. This proactive approach to prototyping is a cornerstone of our commitment to innovation and quality. Understanding the Importance of Prototyping: Engineering prototyping is an essential step in the development of any mechanical system. It allows […]

Our automatic gauges represent our dedication to innovation and precision in measurement

Smartech takes pride in being at the cutting-edge of engineering and technology, particularly in the field of accurate measurement. Our automatic gauges are not just tools, but also the culmination of our dedication and passion for continuous innovation in metrology. Precision and efficiency are essential in industries like automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, as we understand. […]

Benefits of Low-Pressure Overmolding in Electronics

The electronics industry is constantly challenged to innovate and enhance the durability and efficiency of its products. Smartech’s innovative SmartMelt machine is the perfect solution for low-pressure overmolding, which offers superior results in the manufacturing of electronic components. Our innovative approach relies on the SmartMelt machine. The precision, energy efficiency, and design flexibility of this […]

The Importance of Precision in Mechanical Engineering: Smartech’s Approach

In the world of mechanical engineering, precision is more than a goal: it’s a necessity. Every component, every piece, every process must be exact down to the last detail. At Smartech, we understand the importance of precision and strive to achieve maximum precision in all our projects. Why is precision so important? Precision in mechanical […]

Custom Engineering Solutions: How Smartech Adapts to Each Client’s Unique Needs

In the world of engineering and technology, customization is key to meeting each client’s specific needs. Smartech, a leading company in the sector, has demonstrated its ability to develop custom engineering solutions that adapt to the unique challenges of each project. Smartech’s Philosophy Smartech focuses on identifying its clients’ needs and then developing solutions to […]