As a result of the constant need for low-pressure overmolding in the industry, Smartech’s team developed SmartMelt.
SmartMelt can be configured for horizontal and/or vertical injection and is 100% configurable to the needs of each client and project.

Overmolding is used in the electronics industry and cable manufacturing to provide permanent protection for your final product, isolating it from moisture, vibrations, and other environmental conditions. Overmolding protects, strengthens, and seals components without damaging them.


Overmolding is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic devices and systems from high temperatures, as well as keeping them insulated from shocks and other forms of damage. It also produces a more aesthetically pleasing result than other wiring protection techniques.


As an engineering company, we offer integral solutions to the industry.
Our services include:

– Engineering consultancy
– Prototyping design and production
– Molding tool design and manufacture
– Transfer molding

Exclusive Advantages of SmartMelt

– Multiform injection: both on the horizontal and vertical plane
– Quick and easy mold changing
– Exclusive control software with factory pre-sets

Main features:

– Work station with a single pistol
– Removable steel frame
– Steel press
– Double-cylinder hydraulic locking system – Expulsion system
– Pressure sensors
– Temperature control – Cooling system


SmartMelt uses Meler Micron 5+ technology.

Target Industries


The Low-Pressure Moulding process plays an important role in the protection of electronics and sensors for all automotive applications.


Overmoulding of components for medical devices enables improved aesthetics, added functionality, brand identification, and increased value.


Overmoulding protects & strengthens electronic assemblies, electrical and electronic components, PCB’s, circuits, connectors and wires.


Electromobility has evolved rapidly in recent years and has become central to the industry.


As 5G and the internet of things (IoT) continue their growth, vehicles are becoming more and more connected.

If you are interested in overmolding services or want to see a SmartMelt demo, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.


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