Uncovering the 10-Step Workflow to Reach Engineering Success: A Holistic Approach

To get to know better our work process, we want to share with you our way of approaching every project. We work with an open-minded and a holistic view of engineering as part of a larger process. Our work is based on mutual commitment and complementary purpose and values. It is supported by shared resources and which results in positive change and increased results of each solution. 

We follow a 10-step workflow, to ensure the success of our projects:

  1. Identifying the problem.
  2. Gathering needed information.
  3. Searching for creative solutions.
  4. Overcoming obstacles to creative thinking.
  5. Moving from ideas to preliminary designs (including modeling).
  6. Evaluating and selecting a preferred solution.
  7. Preparing reports, plans, and specifications. (Project Planning)
  8. Implementation of the design and manufacture of the final product. (Project Implementation) 
  9. Implementation of solution at customer level. 
  10. Monitoring: maintenance of quality and reliability standards by our maintenance and warranty department.