Meet Smartmelt: Our versatile and customizable low-pressure overmolding machine

Low-pressure overmolding (LPM) is a process that involves injecting a molten thermoplastic material over a substrate, such as a printed circuit board (PCB), a cable, or a connector. The purpose of LPM is to protect the substrate from environmental factors, such as moisture, dust, vibration, and corrosion, as well as to improve its mechanical and electrical properties.

LPM is widely used in various industries, such as electronics, automotive, medical and aerospacial. However, not all LPM applications are the same. Different substrates may require different injection parameters, such as temperature, pressure, time, and flow rate. Moreover, different products may have different design specifications, such as shape, size, color, and texture.

Therefore, LPM machines need to be versatile and customizable to meet the diverse and changing needs of the industry. SmartMelt is a low-pressure overmolding machine that can be configured for horizontal and/or vertical injection and is 100% adaptable to the needs of each client and project.

SmartMelt can handle various types of thermoplastic materials, such as polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It can also accommodate different types of substrates, such as PCBs, cables, connectors, sensors, or switches.

SmartMelt has a user-friendly interface that allows the operator to easily adjust the injection parameters according to the product specifications. It also has a modular design that enables the quick and easy change of molds and nozzles. Furthermore, SmartMelt has a compact and ergonomic structure that optimizes the use of space and facilitates maintenance.

SmartMelt is the result of Smartech’s extensive experience and expertise in mechanical engineering and product development. An innovative and reliable low-pressure overmolding machine that can boost the quality and efficiency of LPM applications. It is a versatile and customizable solution that can adapt to any industry need.

If you want to know more about SmartMelt and how it can benefit your business, check out our latest video with all the details about it!