Over the years of providing mechanical support to the electronics industry, we have developed our own products with common solutions in mind.

Container evacuation system for SEMCO cartridges.

The Semco 600cm3 container evacuation system with pneumatic cylinder features a simple and compact design, which is installable in any position, and a folding cartridge support to facilitate cartridge replacement.
It provides adjustable pressure to work with different viscosities and is also available in Semco 900cm3 and Eurocartridge versions.

Technical specs

– Pneumatic cylinder Ø63mm (F=1870N at 6bar)
– Lever operated valve
– Pressure regulation between 0-6bar with manometer
– Folding cartridge support to facilitate cartridge replacement
– Dimensions: 650 x 255 x 141mm
– Weight: 12Kg

Multiform low-pressure overmolding

As a result of the constant need for low-pressure overmolding in the industry, Smartech’s team developed SmartMelt.
SmartMelt can be configured for horizontal and/or vertical injection and is 100% configurable to the needs of each client and project.


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